AtService Anti-virus

With our Anti-Virus service your Malware and Spyware issues virtually disappear. It’s like having an IT department for your security. But great security is about more than this.

With AtService Anti-Virus you get peace of mind knowing that your systems are protected. Licensing is simplified. Installations are streamlined and your employees engaged with work.

When compared to other ways of doing workstation security. You’ll notice the simplicity and consistency that standards bring to your business.


  • Built industry leading best practices.
  • Free Virus removal & update service.
  • Does not slow down your computers.
  • Silent Anti-Virus so you can get right back to work
  • Scanning does not interrupt your work
  • Maintenance windows outside of your core business hours
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexible licensing
  • Works where you do

AtService Anti-Virus is powered by best of breed technologies to ensure that you’re always protected against the latest threats. Leaving you free to do business or pleasure while we take care of potential threats.

Flexible license allows you to make Monthly, Quaterly, Annual payments. This enables your business to grow rapidly without large capital Expenditures.


1. How does this differ from traditional Anti-Virus solutions?

Traditional Anti-Virus solutions are self-managed. While this may work well for hobiests it creates complexity for business. And Occupies employees with security decisions while causing your security policy to vary.

Our Managed Anti-Virus solution provides silent security.? You get easy license compliance for your business. We audit your network computers for up to date security on multiple levels. We take care of your security while you take care of you core business competencies. And dit we mention it works wherever you do. So none of your workforce is bound to your office.

2. Do you provide traditional Anti-Virus too?

Yes we’re able to provide you with a traditional Anti-Virus license from best of breed vendors that you can install on your computer(s).

3. Are you able to detect and re mediate infections?

Yes, we manage your computers centrally and check for malware threats. When a treat is detected we also re-mediate any detected infections.

4. Why is it important that business computers are checked for up to date security?

Networks of computers and unmanaged computers are vulnerable to zero day attacks. Infection of your computers not only affects your security but also employee productivity. When you use a traditional Anti-Virus solution you need to move between each computer or rely on employees to make decisions about Virus detection and alert you or a system administrator of possible virus infection. AtService Managed Anti-Virus provides a complete endpoint protection suite that provides multi-layer security. This ensures that you receive better protection that when you use a traditional approach.

5. How does licensing work?

AtService Managed Anti-Virus can be bought on a monthly or quaterly or annual license.

6. How long does installation take?

We’re able to install