Get a business email adress

We offer a range of innovative email services for your business. We can help you get an email address that has your business name associated to it. I.e.

This reserves space for your future website. And in fact advertises your website every time someone receives an email from you.


Increased privacy

Unlike free email services we don’t make our money from advertising. This is great for you since we don’t read your email to generate adverts to sell you stuff. We don’t reserve a right to business ideas that you send through your email unlike some freemium services

Local pricing & Support

Our service is local and you pay in rand.  Did we mention that if you need support we’re based in South Africa which is great for when you really need help.

Email Capacity

We offer standard 500mb mailboxes which is fine for most businesses using an email program on their computer. Some clients need more and we get that – for that we have Advanced Business Email


Our Advanced Business E-mail offers all the features of our standard email plus premium mailboxes up to 20Gig and up to 10year archiving. Contact us for more information.

Other Questions?

Give information about what you need advice on. Include as much detail as possible.