Virus Removal

Virus & Malware has remained one of the more difficult issues in business. Mostly because as your office grows so do your worries about infections, protection against latest threats and licensing.   We often see computers that are so badly infected – they need a complete operating system reload to rebuild damage done to the operating system after the virus has been removed. Most frequently these machines have had a “freemium” solution installed that has failed to deliver the goods. And at other times a computer’s Anti-Virus is badly outdated.   With the recent breed of cryptolockers that have emerged it is more important than ever that you have an integrated approach at preventing and safeguarding against virus attacks. [sections] [section title=”Our proactive solution”] Removal of a virus after you’ve contracted it costs much more than preventing the problem in the first place. AtService can take care of these issues pro-actively. Our inhouse AtService Anti-Virus solution provides the perfect mix of licensing, protection and prevention while using best of breed technologies. Orders & Pricing

Response to Infections

The AtService Anti-Virus service takes care of Virus infections silently. We use best of breed tools to ensure that your computer is as safe as possible against the latest threats.  Our Techs classify detected viruses and provide the appropriate response.

Simple licensing

We license AtService Anti-Virus Monthly allowing fast growing companies to expand with minimal capital expenditure. And of course you’ll have a predictable IT Budget. If you prefer to pay annually we’ll even send you a renewal notification in advance to help you plan.

Proactive Protection

Our Techs will take care of ensuring that all your computers are protected against the latest threats. We send you a weekly report that gives an overview of the daily protection status of each of your computers. More information and ordering [/section][section title=”When you’re already infected”] AtService can help you remove Viruses from an already infected machine.

  • In a best case scenario we remove malware and viruses from your computer without your computer suffering any ill effects. Often we can do this remotely.
  • In a moderate case your computer’s functionality has been affected. We’ll be able to recover your data but your operating system (Windows) may be damaged and in need of a reload.
  • In a worst case scenario you may have contracted a malware or a cryptolocker and we’ll be able to reload your computer and restore data from your backups only.

Since Virus infection comes in all shapes and sizes we charge by the hour. But where possible we’ll provide you with a estimate. Contact us today [/section]  [/sections]