AtService provides profesional Webdesign for your business.

We design for the web with Mobile devices in mind. That means that we consider how your site looks on different devices. Webdesign has moved away from focusing on design elements. The current trends in the industry focus more on Flat and Material designs. These emphasise the content of the site over the design.

Our focus is to create websites that incorporate  a great User Experience (UX )

What we do

We design Static Websites in HTML and We create Dynamic sites. We love working with WordPress and often create Themes and Custom work for our Clients.  Get in touch

Samples of our Work

We’ve just revamped this page (29 Aug 2017). Please check back shortly or contact us and we’ll send you examples.

What it Costs

Web Design costs vary depending on design complexity and number of views.

  • Static sites will cost on average R3500 and upwards.
  • WordPress themes cost from R7000 upwards depending on how complex your needs are.
  • Ecommerce Sites (That conduct transactions online) are quoted separately.

If your budget is smaller than this we can provide financing to make the design process more affordable to you. Or complete your work in phases to give you an opportunity to get going. Or a bit of both. Get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can help you.

Our Promise

We’ll provide you with great value for money. That means high quality at a reasonable price. In fact we’re considered very affordable in the design industry.

How can I pay

We accept EFT Payments and also Arrange Finance through AtService Finance.