Terms and Conditions

Here’s a summary of the most frequently asked questions from our Terms & Conditions. As a customer you can request a full copy by reaching out to our support team.

We write out our terms in plain language and we do our best to keep things as simple as possible.

Month to Month services

AtService provides many of it’s services on a month to month service with a calendar month notice period. In practice this means if you want to downgrade or cancel your account you should get in touch with us before or on the last day of a calendar month to request a change for the end of the next calendar month.

i.e. If you are downgrading your package you could contact us any time on chat or email during January request downgrade. Your request needs to be in writing. The downgrade request will be implemented a calendar month later on the 1st of March.


When you start a service you’ll be charged for a full month and receive a prorata discount when the service is activated.

I.e. If your service is ordered on the 1st of May and activates on the 15th of may you’ll receive a discount for 1-14 May.

If you ask us to move the dates of your service we’ll charge you for the extra days included in the billing month to make that change. I.e. if you change your invoice from 1st to 7th you’ll be charged an extra 7days in the first billing month the change is applied. (Note this is not available for Internet connections).