What our customers say

Our Customers are our greatest Advocates. We believe providing great products with great features is not enough. Our greatest achievements comes from seeing our customers succeed. And to hear satisfaction from our customers because our products have aligned with their business needs.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what our customers say

Customer Comments

My Computer suddenly works like its supposed to.? Sarah (Secretary)

customersWe currently do things with our computer infrastructure that we never thought possible. – Barbara (Ngo Founder, Former Corporate leader)


Your Computer services are more innovative than other businesses we’ve looked at . -Tlale (Owner)


I have a property business…And have been a customer for the past three years. I have found AtService to be very professional in their work and ability to do a very good job.

What has always been very important is the very fast turn around in getting my problem resolved.

As the years of contact have gone on we have built a relationship of trust which is very important to me. -Jeff (Business Owner)


I have been a long term Customer. For almost 8 years. I can proudly say that in this time I’ve always been helped with everything that has gone wrong. As well as with the required information in a friendly manner. Nothing was ever too much.

– Kaspaas (Manager).


AtService has provided us with technical advice and assistance since 2012, providing guidance in technological decisions and upgrading our software. They have also introduced us to Quick Books and supported the cross over proses.
Barco has lots of patience with staff finding it difficult to gasp new technology. He is always willing to help and somehow finds the time to assist when difficulties arise.

Our website is also hosted and administered by AtService. They provide technical support via internet and for that reason can resolve problems with little delay. – (Izak NGO Founder)


It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial for AtService.
Auksano has maintained a continuous and professional interaction with AtService over the past four years.

Barco started assisting Auksano with their IT requirements approximately four years ago. Barco and his team deliver outstanding service in terms of the ordinary IT systems and sorting out of problems experienced from time to time. His response is quick, friendly and his assistance always successful.

Although there are various similar services available, I wish to highlight Barco and his team’s exceptional and unique service provided.

Barco has researched and got to know the Non-Profit sector in terms of IT requirements very well. He is very innovative and does not only provide a normal IT service but becomes a business partner with the desire to improve your business by providing the correct systems. In our experience, this
forms the core of his business.

I can strongly recommended Barco and AtService as an IT business partner for both the NPO/Welfare sector as well as the formal business sector.

(Barbara – Ngo Founder, Former Corporate leader)